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January 27, 2010

Chicken Dance is a favorite in Schuylkill County

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Yes indeed the chicken dance is still a favorite in Schuylkill County.About 10%-20% of the Brides/Grooms will put this song on their hit list, requesting that it not be played.With that being said it is especially highly requested if there are kids attending the wedding reception.


Best Time for Bride/Groom’s First Dance

  This is something that comes up quite often.
 Personally I have announced the Cake Cutting followed by the First Dance just after dinner which is then followed by the Bride/Father.Groom/Mother and lastly the Bridal Party Dance. However more recently I now announce the First Dance & Cake Cutting immediately after the introduction of the Bride & Groom.
 The logic behind this is:If the cake is being used for desert then the cake cutting must precede dinner so as to allow ample time for the cake to be cut and served after dinner.

 Secondly having the First dance after the B&G’s introduction has the advantage of receiving maximum attention from the audience. This is when their attention span is at it’s highest, especially when since have not eaten yet and have been sitting around for 1-2 hours.

January 15, 2010

Tips for the Best Man preparing his Toast to the Bride/Groom

Tips for Best man preparing a Toast to the Bride/Groom

 [This is the theme of a Toast by the Best man.]

 1-First and foremost, talk about your relationship with the Bride & Groom.

2-How long did you know the Bride & Groom, how did you meet the Bride & Groom    and what it was like knowing the Bride & Groom?.

3-What was the Groom like prior to meeting his wife

4-How has he changed since having met her.

5-If there is a second toast by the Maid of Honor,then the Best Man will primarily talk about the Groom whereas the Maid of Honor will talk about Bride.

 If you want a longer toast then quote more memorable moments.

 Start the toast by  introducing yourself

Example: If  I could have your attention for a moment, I’d like to  say a few words about our bride and groom. I’m John Brown, Mike’s best man and a very close friend,” brother, relative”, etc.)”

 At this point you could say something funny about the Groom and or Bride, such as something about their meeting or just quote a memorable moment.

 Closing the toast The Best Man with his glass in hand looks at the audience & bridal table and asks everyone to raise their glasses. Looking at Bride/Groom he utters something like:

 May you have love, health & wealth; but most importantly, may you have each other and the time to enjoy them all.

 Examples #2 #3
May you know nothing but happiness from this day forward. May God Bless you both,etc.

May you have all the happiness and luck that life can hold.Good luck and God Bless,etc

 The keys words here are,[May you have],etc.Insert you own words.

 The last thing to say would be something like Cheers while looking at the Bride/Groom, Bridal Party and audience followed by drinking the beverage.

 At this time  the Dj will announce the Blessing or will ask the Bridal table to be seated.

 Things not to say:

1:Do not mention X-Girlfriends

2-Try not to read from a long list, if using a list then it should be a list of reminders,etc

3:Do not embarrass the Bride or Groom

4:Do not discuss the Bachelor Party

5:No jokes about the Bride’s family

6:Never use bad language.

7-Do not go on the Internet and copy a Toast verbatim, instead simply use the Internet for ideas only.

 Having witnessed many toasts by the Best Man & Maid of Honor, I can say that most importantly be sincere and let it come from the heart. Being nervous and scared is normal.

Remember to keep it short if possible and if you make mistakes don’t worry about it, you will not be criticized by anyone. I’ve seen speeches that were long, witty and like that of a professional speaker, however the most memorable ones were short, emotional and from the heart, including those with mistakes.

January 13, 2010

Toast by the Bestman

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The traditional toast is done by the Bestman,however there may be a 2nd,3rd toast given by a 2nd Bestman as well as the Maid of Honor/Matron of Honor.The toast is consummated by raising your glass which is accompanied by all members of the Bridal Party/Audience and wishing the Bride @ Groom the best of luck.

January 12, 2010

Who can give the Blessing @Wedding Reception?

The Blessing can be given by a Priest,Minister,etc or by a family member such as Uncle,Parent,Grandparent and lastly by a friend of the family.

January 11, 2010

Garter Removal

Is it appropriate to remove the garter with one’s teeth?

The answer is Yes.This has been done many times  at Schuylkill County wedding receptions.

Hello world!

There have many questions regarding format and propriety at a wedding reception. I will be attempting to answer many of these questions by posting blogs on a weekly basis.

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